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Fri, Feb. 27th, 2009, 07:28 pm
The Butcher Is My Hot, Hot Sex

Sisky's POV

"What are you laughing at?" The Butcher asks.
I look up from my lab top and smile.
"I'm laughing at how cute you look in this interview." I answer.
He shakes his head and smiles, wrapping his arms around my shoulders.
"Yeah, but you look absolutely gorgeous in this interview." He points out, making me blush.
"You're shitting me." I say.
"I shit you not."
I smile and blush, once more.

The Butcher has been my best friend ever since I could remember. It's never meant anything more than that. A bit of flirting here and there. But, that was it. The secret was that I wanted it to be more.

"Guys! We're back!" William yelled.
William, Pete, Gabe, Travie, and Ryland enter the room. They spot The Butcher's arms draped over my shoulders and smile. William murmurs something to Pete.
"They're so cute." Gabe whispers.
The Butcher stands straight and walks away. He looks back and winks, as he enters a different room in the building.
"You guys need to fuck already." Travis says, holding Will's hand.
I act baffled.
"What? We're only friends!" I explain.
Pete rolls his eyes.
"You want him so bad." He says as he walks by, shuffling his feet.
My jaw drops, as I try to protest.
"Just leave it." Ryland laughs.
I close my lab top and stand. I wipe a tear away. Holding back the truth is hard. I love him with all my heart.

The Butcher's POV

I lay on the couch in the sound check room and bawl my eyes out. It's not easy to sit there and watch your secret crush deny the love that you wish you had. That's right. I spied on them talking and Sisky says we're only friends. He doesn't love me. Not like I love him.

"The Butcher, I have to ask you something-"
William stops in his tracks and frowns.
"What's wrong, hun?" He sits next to me and brushes my aching sides.
I lift my head and wipe my eyes, sniffing.
"Yeah..?" He urges me on.
"I love him so much and he doesn't feel the same way."
William laughs.
"The Butcher, he does feel the same way. He told me earlier. He's only denying it because he's afraid everyone will be homophobic."
"Are you kidding me? Fueled By Ramen is totally gay!"
William smiled.
"Go and find him."

Sisky's POV [again]

I lay on the ground and stare up at the sky. That cloud looked like a pony. That one looks like a rainbow. This one looks like The Butcher. The Butcher?
"Hey, Siska. I have to tell you something."
"And what would that be?" I ask.
The Butcher leans in and softly kisses me. At that moment, I'm in heaven. I kiss back, passionately.
"I fuckin' knew it!" Travis yells grinning.

Fri, Feb. 27th, 2009, 06:21 pm
I Don´t Want To Cry, I Don´t Want To Be Dangled Over

Brendon Urie is in love Shane Valdez. Ryan Ross is secretly in love with Brendon Urie. Mr. Ross is often mean to Brendon. You know, like how in Elementary school if you liked someone, you bullied them. Ryan Ross is not in Elementary anymore. Quite frankly, he's not in school at all.

Fan girls galore will tell you how they're meant to be. But, before I start rambling about how Rydon should exist, let me tell you about Ryan and Brendon's continuous fights. Ryan is really confused as to why Shane won Brendon and he didn't. This makes him mad inside, so he picks fights with Brendon. Their arguments sometimes, last all afternoon. One day, Ryan will have enough of it and he'll kiss Brendon. But, that fan fiction writes itself.

Now, you're probably wondering what this has to do with Jon and Spencer. Well, Jon is easily bothered by their fighting. He's a peaceful person. He doesn't like fights. So, Jon found a special place to hang while trouble ensues. The roof. He stays up there all day just thinking. He's developed quite a sense of love, being up there all the time.

Spencer hates when they fight. They're supposed to be best friends. They grew up together. Usually, he tries to break it up. But this time, he's just had enough. He's looking for Jon and he automatically goes towards the roof.

Spencer climbs the stairs leading the way and pops his head up for a moment only to see a huddled up Jon. Without asking to appear, a grin spreads on his face. He's kinda in love with Jon, but no one really knows. Shh.

Jon can sense that Spencer is behind him. He just has the ability to do so. A smile threatens his mouth. Tugging at the corners and he just gives in. He's grinning when he sees a beautiful brown haired drummer sit next to him.

"Hey Jon." He whispers, as if he'll break Jon into a million pieces that'll float away and never come back.

"Spencer." Jon nods.

And Spencer giggles, because he loves how Jon Walker is so gruff with his manly voice and scruffy beard.

They're sitting there, soaking up the silence, when Spencer nudges Jon's side.

"Don't you hate when they fight?" He says, barely above a whisper.

Jon nods, because he totally understands. Though, Jon never knew that Spencer felt this way.

"Yeah, Spence. I know." There goes his gruff voice again.

If only Jon knew how weak Spencer's knees got every time he talked that way. If Spencer wasn't huddled up next to Jon, he would fall right off the roof and onto the ground in a millisecond because his knees would give out from that voice. That man.

It's silent again and Jon turns to Spencer. Spencer's face is glowing from the sun set. As corny as that sounds, it's true. He looks down at Spencer leaning on his shoulder. His heart almost stops, the sight is so breathtaking. Spencer's eyes are closed and his hands are resting on his slight bulged tummy.

But, now Spencer and Jon are staring at each other, face to face. Because, yeah, Jon just had to turn Spencer's chin softly towards him. Gentle hands reach to touch Spencer's face. A gasp is released from his mouth as Jon begins to count his freckles.

He gets to thirty seven and he stops, because now he's paying more attention to Spencer's lips more than anything. He caresses Spencer's cheek and leans in, attaching his lips onto the drummer's, softly.

Surprisingly, Jon stops and pulls out a sharpie from his pocket. He lifts up Spencer's shirt much to Spee's protest.

"No, Jon. I'm fat."

"You're beautiful." he decides, placing an arm around Spencer's back and pulling him towards his chest.

He takes off the cap and writes, lovingly on Spencer's bulged belly.


Spencer is looking down at what he's writing.


Spencer gulps.


Then, two pairs of lips find each other.

"I love you, too." Is whispered.

And, the rest, as they say, is history.